Our team is made up of four researchers from the Civil Engineering department at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The team includes  Dr Jamie Goggins (senior lecturer), Dr Edward Fagan (postdoctoral researcher), Dr Yadong Jiang (postdoctoral researcher) and Dr William Finnegan (SFI Industry Fellow and postdoctoral researcher).

Jamie started out as PhD supervisor for Edward on a project to design and test blades for tidal turbines in 2013. Needing a faster way of modelling blades and a framework for the novel material analysis techniques already developed at NUI Galway, they built automated design software to meet their needs. Since then they have worked with blade manufacturers to design, manufacture and test blades to validate the software. Most recently, they used BladeComp to design next-generation tidal turbine blades (among the largest in the world) for a leading sector OEM, ScotRenewables Tidal Power Ltd.

Over the last two years, Dr William Finnegan and Dr Yadong Jiang have come onboard, bringing their experience in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) and structural analysis and software design, respectively, to the BladeComp team.

Dr Jamie Goggins

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Dr Edward Fagan

IDr Edward Fagan

Dr Yadong Jiang

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Dr William Finnegan

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