BladeComp is wind turbine blade design software that provides a faster, easier and more reliable design process. Worldwide well over 300,000 wind turbines are currently in operation. The development in wind turbine technology has been towards increasingly large and complex blade structures to sustain the downward trend in the cost of wind energy. The blades contribute up to 15% of the initial capital costs of a turbine and are a major factor in the operational and maintenance costs over the turbine lifetime. BladeComp has been developed with the aim of reducing costs on wind farm developers by improving the design process itself.

BladeComp can accelerate technological improvements by streamlining the modelling process for engineers and blade designers, reducing the time spent on complex analyses and improving the accuracy of the simulations. The optimisation processes built into BladeComp also reduce uncertainties in the structural design of blades that typically result in overengineering and raised capital costs. BladeComp has been demonstrated in commercial projects to design blades for small and medium sized wind turbines. And, as part of the H2020 FloTEC project, has been used to design the blades for the next generation Orbital Marine Power Ltd 2 MW turbine. The fidelity of the results, the speed of turnaround of the design process and the dedicated nature of the software differentiates BladeComp from other engineering analysis software used to design blades today.

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The optimiser module is used to compare thousands of blade designs to find the one most suitable for your needs


Our design methodologies are validated against full-scale blade tests




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